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The Local Reserve is an ultra-innovative, high energy,

multi-media team that specializes in 21st century marketing communications including:

logos, social media, websites, commercial production for TV & mobile streaming, digital promotional material, public relations events, business profiles & publications, 

analytical diagnostics and media management. 

Our digital transformations are designed to maximize growth opportunities for local businesses and large manufacturing facilities. We are NOT your ordinary marketing company! 


Our service adds brilliance to your stars! 

Pick a package and choose services that are right for you.

Custom packages available for services from all 3 pools.

Purple Package

Pick two services from The Local Reserve Pool 1 and one service from the S+Co. Consulting Pool 1. 


Pool 1
The Local Reserve

Logo design

(2 concepts)

Business card design

(2 concepts)

Business Email Inbox Setup


Social Media Account Setup

(up to 2 platforms)  

Digital Promotional Material

(pick 1 - Brochure, Poster, Media Ad) 

Pool 1
S+Co. Consulting

Business Entity Setup

(Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, Corporation or Non-profit) 

Mission + Vision Creation 

Strategic Planning

+ Business Model Creation 


Branding + Positioning   

Business Licenses + Permits

+ Certifications 


Patents + Intellectual Property   

Pink Package

Pick two services from The Local Reserve Pool 1 or 2 and one service from the S+Co. Consulting Pool 1 or 2. 

Pool 2
The Local Reserve

Social Media Content Creation 

(2x per week for 1 platform)

Website Design

(non-commerce, 1 page)

Monthly Analytics

& Diagnostics for Social Media

Monthly Analytics & Diagnostics for Website

Pool 2
S+Co. Consulting

Consumer Targeting

+ Market Segmentation


Marketing Plan Creation 

Financial Planning  

Red Package

Pick two services from The Local Reserve Pool 1, 2 or 3 and one service from the S+Co. Consulting Pool 1, 2 or 3. 

Pool 3
The Local Reserve

Social Media Content Creation

(3x per week for up to 2 platforms)

Website Design

(includes e-commerce - up to 8 pages)

Professional Commercial Production

(TV, mobile, desktop) 

Live 24/7 Analytics Dashboard

(for all digital media)

Pool 3
S+Co. Consulting

Public Relations Event Planning 

Customer Service + Sales Training 

Operations + Logistics Training 

Organizational Leadership

+ Team Building 

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace 

Onboarding Process

(Recruitment, Acquiring, Training, Termination)  


The Local Reserve is a top tier company that provided corporate level services to a small business owner.  The creativity and innovation that was exhibited in my logo restoration and media marketing far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this company to anyone that is starting a business or wanting to become a big player in their industry.

- Kent Mcwhortor, CEO of Kent's Auto Body Repair

Stephani Smith 

Founder & CEO

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PO Box 28
Fort Madison, IA 52627

(319) 572-9054

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